If you find yourself asking if you can really make it through another day with “that kid,” Amie Dean has the answers you’ve been looking for. Whether you are a new teacher just discovering the complexities of classroom management or a veteran who needs to add to your bag of tricks, Amie can help. A classroom teacher who found success with “that kid” year after year, Amie earned the title, Behavior Queen, through blood, sweat, and more than a few tears! She knows what works, and she will share it with you! Amie is available to help teachers, administrators and schools work with students to change their behavior using positive methods.

Recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts on behavior interventions that work, Amie has compiled her tricks and tips in an easy e-book format, The Behavior Queen’s Teacher Toolkit. Additionally, her most requested seminar, Behavior Interventions that Work, is now available in HD on DVD. Just visit the Behavior Queen Store to view the available products for purchase that you can begin using right away.Join the many others who follow the Behavior Queen – sign up for Amie’s free newsletter below and follow her on Twitter.

Hear what one of the nation’s leading RTI experts, Pat Quinn, says about Amie’s trainings:

 “Amie Dean gets it. She delivers real solutions for real teachers in real classrooms. If you are tired of recycled ideas or new fads that just don’t work – THIS is the presentation you need. First year teachers and seasoned veterans can both learn from Amie’s strategies and techniques. Her presentation is filled with real world examples of her strategies applied at every grade level.”

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● Fewer class disruptions
● More time for instruction
● Perfect for RTI
● Increase attendance
● Fewer “battles” in class
● Higher Test Scores!

A message from Amie….


About Amie

Amie Dean is a Nationally Board Certified teacher with a Masters degree in Education. She believes that although many teachers do an admirable job in the classroom, many children do not learn well in traditional settings. Amie has worked with thousands of teachers across the U. S. and is thrilled to be able to impact lives by increasing teacher  effectiveness.


Amie is focused on working in school districts this school year. Please visit www.onlinestaffdevelopment.com to purchase the online course or consider the DVD set in the store.  Amie will be presenting in several state conferences in North Carolina, Tennessee and Indiana.  Please contact for details.

News Letter


“I gained great, simple to use strategies to take back to my classroom tomorrow.  Amie is a great speaker – love the sense of humor.  She provided great visuals and made it easy to find sources and materials for later use.” -MS Teacher Burlington, VT
Burlington, VT