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Behavior Interventions that Work

by Amie Dean

This 3 DVD Set is the perfect way to experience Amie Dean’s Behavior Interventions that Work for your entire staff – at YOUR convenience.

For years people have been asking me to film my one day seminar so that it could be used at staff development events, during grade level meetings, for teachers on professional plans, or with new teachers . There are many ways this DVD set can be divided and used for professional learning.

This DVD Set is designed to do the following:

  • Provide specific, concrete strategies for managing your classroom
  • Help teachers understand behavior and how to help students change it
  • Show teachers that there are great, free resources out there to help
  • Model step by step how to implement strategies to motivate students

1. A total of 5 hours of DVD instruction

2. PowerPoint Presentation Slides

3. Amie Dean Teacher Tool Kit

These valuable resources can be distributed electronically to your entire staff. Equip your teachers today!


PowerPoint Presentation Slides:
Print handouts for your entire staff or small group to use while watching the videos.

Amie Dean Teacher Tool Kit:

  • -8 page Resource Guide – explains ALL tools included
  • -21 Classroom Procedures in the Procedure Manual
  • -40 additional pages of strategies
  • -All forms in Word so you can customize as your own
  • -Group strategies as well as individual strategies

Receive a site license to share this 70 page E-book with your entire staff.

Price: Just $499.99

“I took a team of teachers to your training last Friday, and you sparked life back into them.”  Thank you! -Kim Houston, TX
Houston, TX