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Behavior Interventions that Work
Featuring Amie Dean!
This one-day seminar will equip you with the most effective behavior interventions.
Strategies and Techniques that will work with even your most difficult students!
  • Fewer class disruptions
  • More time for instruction
  • Perfect for RTI
  • Increase attendance
  • Fewer "battles" in class
  • Higher Test Scores!
Amie Dean is one of the nation's leading experts on designing classroom interventions that reduce behavior problems and increase instructional time.  Her seminars routinely sell out because she delivers simple strategies and techniques that can be implemented the very next day in your classroom.
Finally, a one-day seminar that shows how to implement POSITIVE and PRACTICAL strategies that promote positive student behavior!  You will learn strategies to help minimize VERBAL disruptions, actively engage students, and increase time spent teaching!
Guaranteed to answer these questions:
• How can I motivate students to get on task and stay on task?
• How can I correct student behavior without breaking trust or relationships?
• How do I teach, rather than expect, students to be respectful?
• What can I do to be sure I am DE-escalating situations in my classroom?
This seminar is appropriate for all grade levels K-12 and will cover a wide variety of strategies using examples for all levels.

A note from Presenter Amie Dean…
Greetings Fellow Educators…

Like many of you I have had classes and often students which led me to think, “How will I make it this year?”  I have spent my career as a classroom teacher searching for and learning what strategies work with students.  My only criteria – positive and practical!
This seminar is designed for real teachers in real classrooms. You know, the classroom with 35 kids of varying abilities. I have worked with students who were labeled severely behavior disordered, oppositionally defiant, and emotionally disturbed, and I have had success with each and every one.  I know you will come away with many strategies that you can employ in your setting the very next day.

Please join me for this day of sharing and learning!

-Amie Dean 

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Upcoming Seminars

Amie is focused on bringing this seminar to school districts this year and is booked through February 2017. Please contact Amie to book your school or district in March 2017 or later. Customized seminars available.

“Yesterday, was the first time in 6 months that I haven’t gone home with a headache from yelling and fussing! I am so excited! I am usually exhausted when I leave everyday. Well nothing changed about that, except now I am exhausted from teaching not yelling!!!!” –Tell Amie thanks so much! -Ms. Horton ES Teacher,  Dublin, GA
Dublin, GA