Amie Dean has a passion for the problem students of the world. The students who are disrespectful, defiant, broken, and shut down have been a part of her every day for 29 years. As a former special education teacher, Amie spent many years teaching in classrooms with the most challenging students on campus and found a way to reach each and every one. She believes most teachers truly want to help these students – want to believe in them – but are not trained on HOW to do it. This has become Amie’s new personal mission – to help teachers implement positive, practical strategies in their classrooms to save our most challenging students – and themselves. Book Amie for your school, your district, or your conference so she can teach your teachers how to:

Teach Hard. Love Harder.


with thousands of teachers across the U. S. and is thrilled to be able to impact students’ lives by sharing interventions that increase teacher effectiveness. With 29 years in education, Amie has built a great ‘toolbox’ for teaching, motivating, and managing even the most challenging students. Her seminars are attended by teachers, assistants, administrators, and central office personnel. Please contact Amie if she can help your school find new, practical strategies for improving student behavior or increasing student engagement.


Amie has created and delivered many customized seminars to fit the specific needs of schools or districts. She offers keynotes, half day, full day, and two day sessions. Amie also offers packages to include follow up classroom coaching with teachers needing or wanting support.


PBIS Training, Implementation and Support

Behavior Interventions that Work

Differentiating Instruction

Personalized Learning (1:1 training)

Working with students from Poverty

Equity Awareness — Why it matters to your staff

Communication/Team Building (for your staff)

Social Emotional Literacy in the Classroom

Customized trainings upon request


School-wide Discipline Planning

Teacher/Classroom Observations and Follow-up Conferences

Detailed reports including suggested strategies

Reviews & Endorsements

"Amie Dean gets it. She delivers real solutions for real teachers in real classrooms. If you are tired of recycled ideas or new fads that just don't work -- THIS is the presentation you need. First year teachers and seasoned veterans can both learn from Amie's strategies and techniques. Her presentation is filled with real world examples of her strategies applied at every grade level."

- Pat Quinn

Reviews & Endorsements

"This is the best seminar I've ever been to in my 15 years of teaching! I came away refreshed, renewed, and excited."

- Karen
Des Moines, IA

Reviews & Endorsements

"I took a team of teachers to your training last Friday, and you sparked life back into them. Thank you!"

- Kim
Houston, TX

Reviews & Endorsements

"Amie, I just had to let you know what a huge success your workshop was in Haywood County! I thought it was the best classroom management workshop I had ever attended (and I taught 35 years!), but the real value of it has been seen in the impact the strategies have had in the classrooms! As beginning teacher coordinator I asked our teachers to try at least one strategy, and then I'd wait 3 weeks and come to observe and see how things were going. I have been to almost all of the teachers now to?"

- Haywood County
North Carolina

Reviews & Endorsements

"I gained great, simple to use strategies to take back to my classroom tomorrow. Amie is a great speaker -- love the sense of humor. She provided great visuals and made it easy to find sources and materials for later use."

- MS Teacher
Burlington, VT

Reviews & Endorsements

"Yesterday, was the first time in 6 months that I haven't gone home with a headache from yelling and fussing! I am so excited! I am usually exhausted when I leave everyday. Well nothing changed about that, except now I am exhausted from teaching not yelling!!!! Tell Amie thanks so much!"

- Ms. Horton, ES Teacher
Dublin, GA

Reviews & Endorsements

"Thank you for not making this PE teacher feel like she's not a "teacher." My content area is unique, and I am walking away with multiple tools for classroom success. You have turned a challenging week upside down!"

- PE Teacher

Reviews & Endorsements

"I was nervous about setting up my first classroom. You taught me how to do it and why we do it. I feel so much more confident and READY now."

- MS State Intern

Reviews & Endorsements

"This training was REAL. Amie gave us a TON of practical strategies for every grade level that can be used immediately. I can't wait to go back to my classroom and try these!"

- 8th Grade Teacher


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