By Amie Dean

15 Minute Focus Workbook: Behavior Interventions Your Roadmap for Creating a Positive Classroom Community

In twenty-first-century classrooms, educators are expected to plan curriculum, teach the standards, learn and master ever-changing technology, manage schedules and behavior, oversee student work and grading, make connections, get to know students personally, and build positive relationships. And this just scratches the surface.

To be able to accomplish so many goals with excellence takes an enormous amount of organization and planning. Amie Dean created this workbook to help with just that—organizing and planning your first 6 weeks of the year to establish a positive classroom community while also providing tools to support and nurture your community all year long.

Your 212 page roadmap includes specific steps to:

  • Co-Creating a Positive Classroom Community in Four Weeks
  • Building Connections and Confidence
  • Prevention, Procedures, and a Positive Approach to Discipline
  • Goal-Setting and Monitoring
  • De-Escalation, Behavior Support, and Behavior Problem-Solving

Over 100 pages of Downloadable Resources, Including Many Templates You Can Personalize!

Full of activities and solutions, this workbook will aid you in creating a classroom community while supporting students in their development of life skills, peer relations, conflict resolution, and self-regulation skills. You will also find many behavior problem-solving ideas and tools to help you prevent and address challenges as they arise throughout the year. This is the Roadmap to simplify your year.

Watch the 2 minute clip from the Amie:

By Amie Dean

Behavior Interventions: Strategies for Educators, Counselors and Parents

15-minute focus
Brief Counseling Techniques that Work

In 15-minute Focus: Behavior Interventions, Amie Dean gives educators, counselors, and parents knowledge, strategies, and resources to teach children and teens how to communicate and make decisions to get their needs met in positive ways through behavior instruction and coaching.

If a child or teen is struggling to manage emotions or make good choices, it is rarely because they want to be “bad” or disrespectful. Most adults look for the “right” way or a magic formula that will transform challenging students, with no luck on finding one. Impacting behavioral change in another person is hard work, and every individual has unique needs and circumstances that should be considered. This book will help you view children’s words and actions as a lack of coping skills in the moment, or a skill deficit that can be taught or improved.

You’ll discover:

  • The function of behavior
  • Ways to rethink responses to behavior
  • De-escalating techniques
  • Steps to create a trauma-sensitive classroom
  • Principles for a positive classroom
  • Actionable strategies, curated resources, and more.

This guide will ask you to consider that there is likely a barrier keeping children from being successful, and it is our opportunity as the adults who care for them to help them through it.

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I love school visits!

I would love to visit your school in person, or virtually, to meet your students! I will work with you to make sure the presentation meets your SEL goals or aligns with topics you are addressing with your students. Your Happy Heart and There's No Dream Too Tall author visits include a brief presentation of the inspiration for the book, a read aloud with Q & A, and one or two activities chosen by the school based on time schedule and desired outcomes.

All staff will receive a Resource Bundle download with all activities to use in the classroom following the visit! Subjects include kindness, resilience, recognizing and regulating your emotions, problem-solving, and finding your gifts.

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