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By Amie Dean

Behavior Interventions: Strategies for Educators, Counselors and Parents

15-minute focus
Brief Counseling Techniques that Work

In 15-minute Focus: Behavior Interventions, Arnie Dean gives educators, counselors, and parents knowledge, strategies, and resources to teach children and teens how to communicate and make decisions to get their needs met in positive ways through behavior instruction and coaching.

If a child or teen is struggling to manage emotions or make good choices, it is rarely because they want to be “bad” or disrespectful. Most adults look for the “right” way or a magic formula that will transform challenging students, with no luck on finding one. Impacting behavioral change in another person is hard work, and every individual has unique needs and circumstances that should be considered. This book will help you view children’s words and actions as a lack of coping skills in the moment, or a skill deficit that can be taught or improved.

You’ll discover:

  • The function of behavior
  • Ways to rethink responses to behavior
  • De-escalating techniques
  • Steps to create a trauma-sensitive classroom
  • Principles for a positive classroom
  • Actionable strategies, curated resources, and more.

This guide will ask you to consider that there is likely a barrier keeping children from being successful, and it is our opportunity as the adults who care for them to help them through it.

By Amie Dean

There’s No Dream Too Tall

Children’s Book

Believe in Yourself and Your Dream Will Find You!

Every child is born with unique gifts and strengths, and as they grow, those begin to influence their interests and hobbies. As adults, we can sometimes see these gifts and tell our kids what they could—or should—be when they grow up. The problem is, kids can internalize our ideas for them as something they should want too.

In There’s No Dream Too Tall, Amie Dean offers a different approach—allowing kids the freedom to decide for themselves. Whether they want to be a teacher, a chef, a firefighter, a homemaker, or an architect, kids can look at their unique strengths and gifts and find their own way towards a future they will love.

The world is wide open; there’s no dream too tall.
For a boy or a girl, whether big or quite small!
There are millions of choices—no end to the list.
So, look deep in yourself and consider your gifts.

By showing kids that their different strengths can help them become who they want to be, we give them the power and permission to dream. And when we do that, they will believe that no matter how tall their dreams may be, they have what it takes to reach them!

By Amie Dean

Your Happy Heart

Children’s Book

In Your Happy Heart, fifth-grader, Javon, has the big responsibility of being chosen to be a Book Buddy to a kindergartner named, Richard. But when he meets Richard for the first time, he isn’t so sure he’s up for the challenge. Richard won’t talk to Javon or even look at him. He seems sad, and Javon quickly realizes Richard reminds him a whole lot of himself at that age.  Javon is determined to help his new friend.

Both boys learn a lot that year, but what Javon learns from Richard is the most important lesson of all: helping someone find their happiness can make your own heart happy, too.


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